Zoom becomes a full productivity suite

Zoom logo on a background.

You may know Zoom from its video conferencing solution that became hugely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as we move into more personal commitments, video conferencing isn’t as essential. Now Zoom is branching out.

At the “Zoomtopia” event, Zoom announced that new email and calendar clients will join the company’s existing video conferencing solution. Those solutions and clients will apparently be closely tied to a user’s Zoom platform rather than being something anyone can send stuff to, like a Gmail address, but you can also use your existing Gmail/Outlook accounts with those Zoom client. Features include the ability to create a unique customer domain and send end-to-end encrypted messages.


Email and calendaring aren’t Zoom’s first non-video conferencing business as the company has expanded into areas such as sales intelligence and phone services. However, this new push is a much bigger deal – it shows that Zoom wants to become the next Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, not just a video conferencing tool.

If you want to use one of these two clients with your existing email account, you can do it for free regardless of whether you are in the free tier or not. But if you want Zoom to provide email services for you, you need at least a Zoom One Pro tier subscription.

Source: TechCrunch

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