Use Apple Pay or Google Pay instead of plastic cards

The spread of contactless payment options are shifting the way businesses interact with customers at the point of purchase, from international retailers to local pop-up stores. But don’t worry if you enjoy buying things with cold, hard money. Plastic cards are the first on the chopping block.

“I would suggest that the time is right to schedule plastic (and metal) cards to be sent to Shady Pines Retirement Home for the Tragically Overstayed Welcome,” wrote Nick Hollandglobal head of insights and networks at Money 20/20. At the group’s October 2022 conference in Las Vegas, financial technology companies that praised efficiency and seamless experiences took center stage as plastic cards faded into the background.

Anyone in doubt about using their smartphone for contactless payments should check out Whitson Gordon’s case for adopting the technology. Convinced and need guidance on setting up Apple Pay or Google Wallet? Apple and google provide step-by-step instructions to walk you through that initial setup. After you’ve linked your cards to the mobile device and practiced the steps necessary to complete purchases, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your smartphone wallet.

Don’t forget phone-to-phone payments

You may feel comfortable tapping your phone against a payment terminal, but it may come as a surprise when a company first asks you to tap your phone against their phone. Smaller merchants, delivery companies and takeaways can continue to reject traditional card terminals as businesses want MasterCard and Visa introduce features that use near-field communication chip technology to enable phone-to-phone payments. Like the lightning port on the iPhone, the era of credit card readers connected to smartphones is probably coming to an end.

Make use of virtual card numbers

Always check your options when it comes to virtual card numbers. For example, if you choose to get an Apple Card on your iPhone and the number leaks, it can be changed with just a few taps. open you Wallet and tap the apple card. In the top right corner, select the map icon and choose the button with the text Request a new card number. Virtual card numbers aren’t just useful for smartphone payments. google added the option to easily use the security feature in your web browser.

Add more than just payment methods

Your debit and credit card are probably the very first items you link to your digital wallet. It doesn’t have to stop there! From boarding passes to cards with proof of vaccination, digital wallets can hold so much more than just payments. It is even possible to connect your health insurance card for easy access. (The most important aspect of a physical wallet that a digital wallet can never replicate is that I get a secret holder to hoard old receipts and scraps of paper.)

Keep a little cash on hand

Even if you choose to use your mobile device instead of a plastic card for most in-person transactions, it still makes sense to keep a few dollar bills in your wallet. In case that. Your smartphone may get wet and stop functioning. Also, not every store is set up to accept Apple Pay or Google Wallet. Some retailers even offer a small discount to customers who pay cash.

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