Twitter’s latest experiment allows users to display NFT marketplace listings

Twitter, like Facebook and Instagram, could also roll out NFT integration in the future. The website now owned by Elon Musk has announced an experimental feature that prominently displays NFT listings when users tweet a link to them, as long as they come from one of its partner marketplaces. An NFT Tweet Tile, as the company calls it, shows a large photo of the digital artwork, along with the title and creator. It also comes with a button that takes users straight to the marketplace listing where they can buy it or sell their own collectibles.

Right now, Twitter has four partners: multi-chain NFT marketplace Rarible, Solana-en-Etherium-focused marketplace Magic Eden, Dapper Labs (the team behind Top Shot), and, where people would go for digital cricket collectibles . In the announcement, Twitter said that “some” links of those four will appear as NFT Tweet Tiles for those chosen to participate in the test. As decode notes that the marketplaces span several blockchain networks, including Flow, Polygon, and Tezos.

The company told the publication that it is testing the integration “with select Twitter users on iOS and the web” and that it is not limited to Blue premium subscribers. Twitter previously gave paying members access to another experimental feature that allowed them to link their crypto wallets to their accounts. After doing this, they can display an NFT as their profile picture, which will be displayed with an icon indicating that they are the official owner of the digital artwork.

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