Twitter is reportedly asking some laid-off employees to return

Just days after the workforce has been cut in half, Twitter is asking some employees to return. . Citing two sources within the company, the outlet reports management at Twitter has come to the realization that it was letting some employees go by accident or without realizing that their experience was vital to building the features that Elon Musk want to bring to the platform.

Twitter did not immediately respond to Engadget’s request for comment. Platformer’s Casey Newton was the on the company’s plan, sharing messages from one of its internal Slack channels. One post suggests that the company needs Android and iOS developers.

A decision to bring back some employees would end a chaotic weekend on Twitter. The company began laying off about 3,800 employees Friday, a move that tore teams across the company, including those responsible for developing new ones. . On Saturday, the company briefly began rolling out its new . A day later, the company reportedly made the decision to delay the release of that feature until after the .

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