Tip to avoid smelly buggy compost bin

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Composting can be a stinky, fruit fly-generating business. I know this because I finally started composting about a year ago. The decision was prompted by a move to a new apartment conveniently located near a weekly farmers market with a compost pick-up stand. Every Saturday I have a handy place to throw out all the leftover food I’ve collected since the previous weekend.

Initially, I hoped the weekly dump would be enough to avoid a smelly compost bucket (I have this one and love it, but we recommend this one too). Unfortunately, that was not the reality. When the bugs got so bad, weeks later I scraped dead fruit flies from the lid. Especially during the summer months, I found myself having to empty the compost bin at least twice a week, if not more, if I wanted to avoid pests and bad odors.

My 100% free solution? I freeze my compost.

I still have a compost bin on the counter (as I mentioned above), but when it starts to get stuffy/stinky/buggy/gross, I tie off the biodegradable liner and place it in the freezer. Then I rinse the bin with soap and water, dry it completely, put on a new liner and voila! I’m back into composting – minus any rotting food odors, fruit flies, or other pests.

The only downside to storing your compost in the freezer, as far as I know, is that you lose valuable freezer space. In weeks where I generate two to three bags on compost, it starts to get a little tight. But I will happily squeeze every day in a coarse compost bin.

Your turn: How do you deal with your smelly, buggy compost?

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