Thunderbird Shares First Look at “Supernova” Update

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Thunderbird, Mozilla’s long-running email and calendar application, has spent this year reorganizing and working on major updates. Now the development team is starting to show off the next big upgrade, codenamed “Thunderbird Supernova”.

Thunderbird 102 was released in June 2022 as the first phase of the app revamp, featuring an updated address book, a new Spaces toolbar (similar to the app switcher in Gmail and Outlook), and a streamlined account setup process. Mozilla previously said there would be a major design update in 2023, which the development team has codenamed “Supernova.” The actual version number is expected to be 114 or 115, corresponding to the Firefox release coming out by then.

The first glimpse of the Supernova update has been published on the Thunderbird blog: a work-in-progress mockup of the new calendar design. Don’t worry, it still looks like a calendar, but Mozilla cleaned it up. Weekends can be hidden to save screen space and you can set which days are defined as weekends. The top toolbar will be fully customizable, and while the “relaxed” density with plenty of space between buttons is the default, a sleeker interface will also be available.

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Week view mockup Thunderbird

Mozilla said in a blog post: “We deliberately made this calendar quite busy to show how the cleaner UI makes the calendar visually more palatable, even if it involves a lot of events. Dialogs, popups, tooltips and all associated calendar elements are also being redesigned, many of the visual changes are user-customizable.”

Thunderbird “Supernova” is still on track to be released next year, while work is underway to update the K-9 Mail app for Android to an official Thunderbird client. You can download the current version from the project website.

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