This browser extension tells you who paid for Twitter verification

Twitter verification is now just $8 away, but that doesn’t mean the social network has completely democratized its long-standing status symbol. The Twitter verification badge is now split into two distinct groups: accounts that have been officially verified for “standing out in government, news, entertainment, or other designated category,” and accounts that paid for the check by subscribing to Twitter Blue. But it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two types of verified accounts without clicking into their individual profiles. That’s why a Twitter user created a tool to make it a lot easier.

Introducing Eight Dollars, a simple browser extension that swaps Twitter’s default verification badge for two different labels that indicate whether an account is “actually verified” or whether it is “paid for verification”. Without the extension, you’d have to click on a user’s profile and then tap the verification check to determine if the user’s check was approved by Twitter employees or purchased through Twitter Blue, but Eight Dollars makes that information readily available in your timeline.

The extension was originally only available for Chrome, but New Zealand designer Walter Lim says it should work with Microsoft Edge like Firefox, and he’s also added Safari to his to-do list. Installing any of these will take some extra work: the add-on is currently only available on GitHub, and must be installed manually using the browser’s developer mode. Still, it can be worth it – unless you like to be fooled by hackneyed scam accounts and mimics.

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