This $9 storage bag from Amazon prevents refrigerator clutter

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As a young adult who still lives with my parents, I’ve heard plenty of other students in similar situations tell horror stories of constant arguments, invasions of privacy, and crossing boundaries. All things considered, I think I’m pretty good. However, when there are fights in my house, they almost always revolve around the kitchen. Whether we’re all three trying to cook at the same time, someone left a greasy spot on the stove, or the fridge is full, the place that’s supposed to bring us together often does the exact opposite. In fact, the latter is a constant source of voltage. Not only are our refrigerator shelves always full of cookware and other leftover containers, but the door shelves are filled to the gills with spice bottles and smaller items. Luckily, there’s an incredibly cheap solution on Amazon (when isn’t it?) in the form of these QIENGO storage bags.

No, this is not a spider on the standard Ziploc bag. Instead, the mesh holders hook onto the shelves of your refrigerator door and greatly increase your storage space. Aside from the fact that you can install them without any assembly or drilling, these bags are handy as they can hold a host of lightweight things. They come in a pack of three and each bag is divided into two compartments. You can keep things you normally have in the fridge, such as fruit, drinks, and sauce bottles, but you can also store things you wouldn’t normally put in the fridge, such as straws, corkscrews, and paring knives. name of pure convenience. Customers also noted that this product helps prevent waste. “My husband keeps ketchup and sauce packets everywhere,” wrote one reviewer. “But these pollute the fridge and end up in the back and under things. Now they are contained and used!”

For just $9 a set, you might as well get a few. Besides the fridge, there are plenty of other places where you can put it. The hooks have sticky backs that can be attached to any clean, flat surface. Hang them on the wall in your closet, in the bathroom or near your desk. As long as your items fit and aren’t too heavy, it’s fair game. A buyer used the bags for her makeup collection. “Great for holding a lot of brushes or other essentials,” the reviewer shared. “I was able to organize everything for a faster makeup routine, and it can store the makeup brush after washing and let it dry naturally.” Basically, there is almost no limit to where you can place these storage bags and what small items they can hold. And that price is just unbeatable.

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