ThermoWorks has a range of silicone kitchen tools and most of them are on sale!

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If you were also a year old today when you discovered that food-grade silicone cookware is safe to use up to about 600 degrees Fahrenheit, we’ve got some good news for you. I literally just found out, and until recently I always stuck to wooden and stainless steel utensils to stir, twist, and poke, fearing that other materials would melt or burn. (Ironically, not too long ago, I scorched my hand on a metal spoon after propping the handle against the hot edge of a stockpot.) And if one brand has the chops to convince me of silicone’s heat-resistant properties, it’s ThermoWorks. When it comes to temperature, you can trust these folks – not only are they the company behind one of our favorite food thermometers here at Kitchn, but they also have a line of silicone cookware for almost every possible culinary need, and most of them are too. buy! Check out these great finds and shop for spatulas, oven handles and other sustainable gear for the holidays.

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