The Yamazaki kitchen accessory that keeps tea towels dry and organized

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It goes without saying that washing dishes is one of the most tedious chores out there. If, like me, you rarely use your dishwasher — or you don’t have one at all — you’re probably standing by the sink, scrubbing away, until five times one day. It’s unpleasant for many reasons: when you accidentally touch a soggy piece of food (I shudder when I think about it), when the burn marks on your pans won’t go away, or when the dish soap leaves your hands feeling painfully dry. And let’s not forget dishcloths, which are quite an ordeal in themselves. They’re so handy for wiping down the faucet, backsplash, and surrounding countertops after a wash. But then what? You’re stuck with a soaked towel that takes hours to dry. I usually put mine on the side of the dish rack, but this has proven ineffective as the towel often falls off on its own or gets caught between heavy plates.

The good news is that just as there are racks to dry your dishes, there are of course also racks that are specially made for kitchen towels. One of the best pendants on the market is this one from Yamazaki Home. With Japanese-inspired designs and a tendency to make customers’ lives way more efficient, Yamazaki organizers are always a smart investment. (We’ve covered their amazing products countless times.) And this piece is no exception.

The dishcloth problem I just described may seem like a pretty commonplace problem. But you don’t want to mess around when it comes to kitchen cleanliness. After working in a restaurant for four years, I can tell you that reusing wet, rolled-up rags to wipe dishes and other surfaces is one of the quickest and easiest ways to spread bacteria. This hanger allows your tea towels to dry between meals, so they’ll be ready by the time you finish lunch or dinner. And while most racks only hold one towel, this one has three horizontal bars for multiple towels. Despite this, the hanger is slim and compact, so it won’t take up too much space in small kitchens. It is also sturdy and stays put. “Great solution for keeping kitchen and utility rooms tidy,” wrote one reviewer. “I love that it’s metal, durable, easy to clean and looks great.”

In addition to all these positive features, you’ll be happy to hear that you can use the dish towel hanger for other functions as well – some Yamazaki shoppers noted that they use theirs as a cutting board holder. The hanger also comes with hooks that you can attach to the bars for things like sponges and oven mitts. So grab this product now and get ready to make your life easier.

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