The Windows 11 start menu will now recommend websites

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Microsoft has overhauled the Start menu in Windows 11, giving it a new center-aligned grid design and better organization. Another change is coming: suggested links to websites.

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25247 to the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider Program. It includes some of the changes we’ve seen in other test channels, such as a search bar in the Task Manager and cloud storage information in the Settings app. However, there is also a change to the Start Menu during testing where websites are listed in the “Recommended” section next to recent documents.

Microsoft said in a blog post: “We’ve been working to add more valuable content to the Featured section in Home and are excited to introduce a new content type: websites. For the first phase, we will recommend frequently used websites based on your region or browsing history so that you can easily get back to the websites that matter to you.”

Recommended sites in the Windows 11 start menu

You can right-click on a website to hide it from the Start Menu, and there is also an option to remove sites from the Start Menu completely. This is separate from installing web apps in the Start menu (using Edge, Chrome, or some other browsers), which appear in the app list, not the Recommended section.

It might be helpful to list a website or two in the Recommended section, at least for people using Microsoft Edge as their main browser – it doesn’t seem to read the history of other browsers. However, things could get worse if Microsoft decides to use it for advertising. Web browsers like Edge and Firefox already serve ads in the form of “recommended” sites and articles, and as we learned from the Windows search page, Microsoft isn’t afraid to stuff a few ads into core Windows features.

Source: Windows blog

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