The problem with kitchen sinks

Farm sinks are big. Enormous. (Huge in the sense that they’re very trendy, and also huge in the sense that they’re very large.) They feature in many very stylish kitchens, and if you’re remodeling, chances are you’re considering one also one for your kitchen. But farmhouse (or apron-front) sinks have one drawback worth keeping in mind.

Because these sinks are so large and because they protrude in front of the cabinets (that so-called apron front that also gives them their signature look), they require a special counter top. Depending on the type of sink you’re dealing with, the countertop should be trimmed around it so that there is only a small piece of countertop behind the sink, or so that the surface is completely interrupted by the sink (as is the case with many sinks in the world). farm).

All of this is fine and helps to give these sinks their unique look. But it also means that if, for some reason, you get tired of your farmhouse sink, all you can do is replace it with another farmhouse-style sink, unless you want to buy a completely new countertop, which is a pretty expensive proposition. .

Apron front sinks also require a unique type of sink. If you take a look inside your average sink cabinet, you’ll notice that it has doors below, and above the doors, for the sink, which looks like a drawer (to blend in with the rest of the kitchen cabinets) but doesn’t. To accommodate a farmhouse sink, you’ll need to buy a sink cabinet specifically designed for a sink, or have your contractor (or yourself) cut through that fake drawer piece at the top to accommodate the front of it apron. It’s not a big loss in terms of storage space, but it does mean that your sink is now unsuitable for another type of sink.

So farmhouse sinks are not only big, but a big investment — you can’t get enough of one and replace it in a few years, without essentially changing your entire kitchen. It’s hard to say if this is a fad, or something that will still be turning heads in kitchens years from now, but we can say, if you’re going to install a sink on a farmhouse, make sure it lasts a long time are busy. load.

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