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“What’s your favorite cookware?”
“What cutting board is that?”
“Where did you get your bar spatula?”

This is the place for everything!

The purpose of the Everything List is to provide a unique place for organizing links to the cookware, kitchen appliances, kitchen tools, dishware, beauty products, and even children’s and baby essentials that I get asked about most often, use the most and recommend most enthusiastically.

None of these recommendations are sponsored and this page remains unsponsored! I hand select these products based on what I like and enjoy and use all the time in real life! ♡

Cooking utensils and bakeware

  • Caraway Pots and Pans: Beautiful, well-made, non-toxic non-stick coating. Obsessed with the organizers the set comes with!
  • All clad stainless steel: The best stainless steel pans you can get! I’ve had other brands and it doesn’t even come close! The sauté pan with handle is my favorite.
  • Lodge cast iron pan: Perfect everyday cast iron. Mine has been well loved for over 10 years and even works for eggs!
  • Lodge Dutch Oven: Cosy, affordable, everyday casserole that is a winter essential. I’ve had mine for over 7 years and it’s still going strong!
  • Sprinkle 5.5 liters of cocotte: Super nice, high quality casserole that is a throwback! So pretty and so much fun to cook with.
  • Lodge Casserole: I like this for baked dishes with a nice presentation!
  • Lodge cast iron grill pan: Used DAILY in our house for batches of pancakes, grilled cheese and quesadillas! I couldn’t live without this thing.
  • Caraway Leaf Pan: Beautiful standard baking pan with non-stick coating.
  • Le Cruset Heritage rectangular dish: I like this for a good lasagna or egg cake.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen utensils


Beauty products

Baby and children’s equipment

Baby & Nursery

  • SNOO cradle: We used this with both girls – with Solvi I felt it really helped her sleep longer early on! And then Lena was a bit more difficult. 😂 But it’s beautiful and the great thing is that you can rent them now or sell yours when you’re done with it!
  • Babyletto crib: Cute convertible crib to toddler bed that both girls have!
  • West Elm x PBT dresser: We have one for both girls! Hoping this is a piece that grows with them all 18 years.
  • DaVinci Glider crankcases: We got this glider for Lena and it’s perfect for a small nursery!

Sleep and diapers

  • Dyper diapers: We used this subscription diaper service for both girls – I love that these diapers are unscented, made from bamboo and have no other annoying extras! Big fan.
  • HALO swaddle cloths: Our go-to for swaddles!
  • Kyte Baby Sleeping Bags: My absolute favorite sleeping bag of all time! They are extremely soft and cozy, even after countless washes. When the girls got older, we just bought them the ones with the little feet. SO stinking cute!

Baby stuff

Baby and big child eating

  • Dr. Brown’s bottles: The glass bottles we used on both girls!
  • EZPZ Training Cup: Nice intro to drinking cup!
  • LuckyZone Cups: Used daily with children for the past 3 years with beautiful muted colors!
  • Bumkins plates: Also used daily for the last 3 years! Love love love. Just be sure to use unscented soaps or they will absorb the taste of the soap (as with all silicones)!

Favorite toys for babies and big kids

  • Lovevery Play Gym: Great little play gym for newborns/babies!
  • Lovevery playsets: Super high quality toy subscription with Montessori style leveled toys for little kids. This was expensive and we only did it for about a year, but it built up a really nice collection of toys that we will hold onto for a long time!
  • B. Toy brush blocks: Our girls play with it all the time in all sorts of creative ways!
  • Radio Flyer Push Car: One of the best, most used gifts we’ve ever gotten for the girls! Can be used as a riding cart, push cart, toy storage and more.
  • Pikler triangle: Super fun little climber to save us through the Minnesota winters! This one can be configured in multiple shapes, which is super fun.
  • Kinetic sand: Big fans of kinetic sand for a less cluttered sensory experience!
  • Step2 Water table: Summer ESSENTIAL.
  • B. Toy wooden tool box: Recently given to us as a gift and both girls love it!

Clothes / Brands for babies and big kids

This page will be a living document with links added and updated as requested, so if there’s ever anything you’re wondering about, drop us a comment or send us an email!

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