SwiftKey for iPhone and iPad isn’t dying after all


SwiftKey is a popular third-party keyboard for Android, iPhone, and iPad, acquired by Microsoft in 2016. The company said in September that the iPhone and iPad versions would be disappearing, but Microsoft has now reversed course.

In September, Microsoft confirmed in a statement to ZDNet that SwiftKey for iPad and iPhone would be pulled from the App Store on October 5. No explanation was given for the discontinuation, but it has not received any updates for over a year, while the Android version had received many updates during the same period.

Microsoft has now seemingly reversed course, as Pedram Rezaei, Microsoft Maps & Local Services Division CTO, has stated on Twitter that SwiftKey is “coming back to iOS”. The application is still available in the App Storebut there are no updates yet – it still reports version 2.9.2 of August 2021 as the most recent release.

There’s still no clear reason why the app has been flagged for removal from the App Store, with Rezaei saying only that the reversal was due to “public demand” and that Microsoft is “investing heavily in the keyboard.” We’ve reached out to Microsoft to request more details, and will update this article when (or if) we get a response.

Apple added support for third-party keyboards in iOS 8 in 2014, but there are more limitations compared to third-party keyboards on Android. Apple’s keyboard is still forced when entering passwords or other sensitive data, so even if you’ve set SwiftKey or another app as your keyboard, it won’t always appear.

Source: Pedram Rezaei (Twitter)
Through: Newwin

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