The suspect was found dead in a wooded area around Camino Del Verdes Place and Salorn Way, RRPD said. An investigation is underway.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — A suspect believed to be connected to a shooting in Round Rock has died, according to the Round Rock Police Department.

RRPD Police Chief Allen Banks said the suspect was found dead by officers in a wooded area around Camino Del Verdes Place and Salorn Way where he had retreated and was firing at officers from. However, it is not known at this time if officers firing at the suspect is what led to his death.

Banks also said the shelter-in-place order has been lifted as authorities believe there is no longer a danger to the surrounding community.

RRPD officers first received a report of a person being shot multiple times in the area of ​​Old Settlers Boulevard and Sam Bass Road around 12:30 pm on Saturday, May 7. They said the shooter was potentially a neighbor of the person shot, but the identity of the suspect is not known at this time.

Minutes later, at 12:38 pm authorities received a report of a man wearing a black trench coat and carrying an “AK-style rifle” while running across Old Settlers Boulevard. At 12:43 pm, a fire department battalion chief reported that he saw a man hop a fence at Behren’s Ranch and Plantation Drive in camouflaged clothes.

It was around this time, at 1:10 pm, that RRPD tweeted they were responding to an armed individual in the area and said people should shelter in place. Nearby residents in the area of ​​Old Settlers Boulevard and Bent Tree Drive were also asked to shelter in place. Others were asked to avoid the area. Old Settlers Boulevard was closed to traffic from Plantation Drive to Sam Bass Road.

Officers responded to the area the battalion chief saw the man and the man engaged officers by firing at them. The man then retreated into the wooded area around Camino Del Verdes Place and Salorn Way while still shooting at officers, Banks said. Officers returned the fire.

Officers saw the man was wearing body armor. Once the department’s armored vehicle arrived on the scene, the man started firing at the vehicle and officers fired back.

Officers then reached the suspect, finding him in the dense wood line, Banks said. They used a less-than-lethal round to see if he would respond, but he did not. It was determined at that time that he had died. Banks said it is unknown right now if the suspect’s death was caused by officer fire.

The investigation is ongoing at this time. A motive nor a connection between the suspect and victim is known right now.

The victim who was shot at a home in the area sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital. The person is expected to be OK.

An officer on the scene suffered an unrelated medical issue and was taken to the hospital. That officer is expected to be OK as well, Banks said.

All officers that fired their weapons will be placed on standard administrative leave pending an investigation, Banks said. The exact number of officers placed on leave is not known right now.

Neighbors told KVUE they heard shots fired and reported a large police presence in the Behrens Ranch and Mira Vista neighborhoods. A helicopter is involved in the search.

Police set up a staging area at Old Town Elementary. Pflugerville PD, Cedar Park PD, Leander PD and Georgetown PD assisted with the operation.

Watch the full press conference below:

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