Risa Eva Longoria Non-Stick Cookware Line Review – 2022

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Lately I haven’t had time to cook. Although I’m a bit ashamed to admit that (I ben an editor at a food publication!), I’m sure I’m not alone when I say life just burned me out. In between work at Kitchn, running my all natural drinks companysettle in my first house (!) and just try to live my best millennial life, I just really didn’t have the time to Real eat and sit down long enough to really enjoy it.

If you’ve never heard of Risa cookware, that’s okay – that’s why I’m here. And trust me, after you’ve gone through this little review of mine, you’ll want to add the set to your vacation wish list.

Both the pot and pan are available in three colors – Deep Blue, Cool Gray and Natural Ivory – but the potholders, splash guard and steamer are only available in the Deep Blue colorway for now. I tested the Risa Cookware Set, which includes the pot, pan and matching lids, in the gray color scheme.

Now that you have that information at hand, let’s get to the good part: how? to work.

What makes Risa’s cookware so great?

This set of cookware has quickly become one of my favorites and I tried it out a lot of pots and pans! The first thing I noticed was how smooth the pot and pan were. You’d expect that from non-stick cookware, of course, but I can count on both hands how many times something that promised to be non-stick has failed me on the first try.

Outside of keeping the non-stick promise, the pot – which I filled with 5 liters of water – heated evenly in a short time. Another cool feature of the pot and pan is that they all have a handle so you can rest the lids. Ingenious? I think so!

Both the pot and pan are oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning the silicone potholders come in extreme useful. They are easy to rinse off when needed, but they are also dishwasher safe which I really love for me.

Normally I wouldn’t pick up a multi-piece cookware set as I may not need every item, but Risa’s cookware set only has two versatile non-stick pans that I use regularly. I may not always have time to cook, but Risa’s cookware at least makes it easier when I do.

And just in time, because Risa has a nice little Black Friday sale with up to 30 percent off everything. Fair warning: You may love these cookware more than you realize, so don’t be upset if your other pieces don’t get love after this.

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