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We needed to talk about the news that rocked the crypto world this week in our Thursday episode: The Binance/FTX Deal That Never Was. For starters, we’ve given you an overview of WTF that just happened to the beef between two of the largest crypto exchanges in the world and how the legendary Sam Bankman-Fried exchange fell so fast thus far, leaving investors, cryptocurrencies and other companies in space were brought down with it falling down.

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You can listen to the episode below:

Once we went through the background behind the situation unfolding in real time this week, we shared our thoughts on the massive implications this fiasco could have for the rest of the crypto industry, from venture capitalists and startups to regulation around the world. .

It’s a fascinating background to our conversation on our crypto event in Miami next week, where we talk to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the billionaire seen as the catalyst for FTX’s demise. You can use the promo code REACT for 15% discount a general admission ticket to the event to hear from CZ and a host of other crypto market players what the future of this tumultuous industry could hold in the coming months.

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