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Times change on Twitter. In about two weeks, under Elon Musk’s leadership, Twitter has fired more than 3,700 people and a slew of high-ranking executives have resigned. But the company’s personnel changes don’t stop there. According to a report by The Washington PostMusk sent an email late at night offering the remaining Twitter employees a choice: They can resign and receive three months’ severance pay, or they can commit to a “hardcore” work environment.

Twitter employees have until 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday to make a decision.

“In order to build a breakthrough in Twitter 2.0 in the future and succeed in an increasingly competitive world, we are going to have to be extremely hardcore,” says the letter is reading. “This means working long hours at a high intensity. Only exceptional performance constitutes a pass.’

Musk sent an equally intense email to staff last week when he effectively ended remote work immediately.

In his short tenure, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has already set product deadlines so aggressive that deleted employee tweets suggested that they should sleep in the office. But after a failed rollout of Twitter Blue verification, he pushed that product’s relaunch back to November 29at least according to his own tweets.

As Twitter employees weigh up the ultimatum that landed in their inboxes late last night, Musk continues to find time to shit.

On Tuesday, after multiple Twitter Staff members posted they were laid off in front of criticize Muskthe “Chief Twit” posted a selfie with two actors who pretended to be fired from Twitter employees weeks ago.

On the day after Musk took over the platform, the actors walked past a crowd of journalists camped outside Twitter headquarters, carrying boxes as if they had just been fired. One of them claimed his name was “Rahul Ligma”, a clear giveaway that he was trolling (please don’t make me explain the Ligma meme again), but unfortunately the journalists on the ground were not very meme literate and reported the dismissal of “Ligma” as fact. At that time, Musk had not yet begun to implement the anticipated mass layoffs.

“Ligma & Johnson welcome back!” Musk tweeted two weeks later, posing with the trolls. “It’s important to admit when I’m wrong and firing them was really one of my biggest mistakes.”

The message is especially worthless considering Twitter asked some employees to come back after they were cut in the mass layoffs.

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