Professional Organizer Pantry Makeover – Before After

When organize a space, one of the most important things to do is to make sure it is set up to suit the needs of everyone in your household. As neat and beautiful as a place can be, if it is not organized in a system that serves you, it will only end in chaos. And when you family growsit can be even harder to find time to keep it in check.

Such was the case for this family. They recently welcomed a newborn and needed some help getting their pantry in order. It lacked a well thought out system and they knew they needed one but didn’t have the time to do it themselves. So they contacted Kenzie Harkey (@simple.dare) from just darea home organization and moving company in North Carolina.

“The clients contacted us to edit and lay out their entire home,” says Kenzie. “They’re in a smaller house with cramped spaces and started feeling overwhelmed by the thought of doing everything after they had their newborn.”

The primary goal was to create structure and tidiness in the space, says Kenzie. The project took three hours and cost $220 for all the organizing products – which came from Amazon and The Container Store.

For starters, Kenzie and her team cleaned up the content and started sorting things by category. “We threw a few [of] items that had expired and then came up with the space plan and system,” she says. “We ended up labeling and doing a walk-through with our client.”

Kenzie shares that the hardest part was all the pre-planning done before the project day can even begin. “That’s when we’re in our office designing, sourcing, and figuring out what the layout of the products will be,” she says. “Every project is custom work, so all thinking goes ahead, so if we show up on the project day, we can be as efficient as possible.”

And that hard work really pays off. The resulting pantry is now a cohesive and stylish space with a “neutral color scheme and a mix of materials”. Kenzie says they organized and planned the space based on frequency of use, keeping “the items that reach them the most within reach and at eye level.” They also optimized the wall by placing a plastic bag organizer on it.

Kenzie’s favorite thing about this particular project was adding a bowl for the client’s cat, Daisy, in the fourth row (left). It’s a nice perk for their furry relative.

For those looking to upgrade their pantry, Kenzie recommends that you take the time to plan accordingly. “Block out more time than you need because it will inevitably take longer than you think,” she says.

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