OXO on Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker: It’s on sale for Black Friday

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It’s probably a holdover from when I worked in a coffee shop, but I have to say, me love pulling espresso shots, using a mocha pot, and standing over a cup pouring out minutely concentric circles of water from a gooseneck kettle. These days, though, I find myself reverting to plain old drip coffee time and time again — especially after a brief stay at my parent’s house for the Thanksgiving holiday. They’re drinking rocket fuel: dark-roasted, potent coffee that’s more practical than taste buds. However, there’s something about the power, ease of use and simplicity of a drip coffee machine that just feels right – patriotic even. (Although that may be because Team USA is currently competing in the World Cup.)

But whatever the reason, the fact remains: I can’t get enough regular coffee. Unfortunately I broke the pot on my last mini coffee maker so I’m out of luck for a few weeks now. And since most of my tiny apartment’s limited counter space is already taken up by other coffee stuff and small appliances, it’s a little hard to justify another device to make my morning mud. That’s why I need something like the OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker: something chic, coming soon and on sale now as part of Williams Sonoma’s great range of Black Friday deals.

This coffee maker is exactly what I’m looking for this Black Friday, and while at almost $230 I might not spring for something like this, at just over $180 I’d practically losses money if I don’t jump on this deal ASAP. The 9-cup OXO coffee maker isn’t just a cool looking device either – this thing is a beast. It features a BetterBrew Precision Brewing System that optimizes brew temperatures and volumes for rich, flavorful coffee every time, regardless of your batch size. It’s also 100 percent programmable and pretty straightforward: with a single dial you can choose how many cups you want to brew, enter your program time and set an automatic wake-up timer so you’ll have a fresh pot of joe before you even get out of bed.

In addition to the sweet settings, the shower head-like action ensures that the water is spread evenly over your ground coffee for even saturation and extraction, and the internal mixing tube mixes your coffee as it brews, ensuring consistency and strength. (Of course, it also has a pause-and-pour function so you can grab a cup before the brew is done if you’re in a hurry.) Plus, it has a double-walled, stainless steel thermal carafe that heats the pot, and a freshness timer that lets you see how long your coffee has been brewing so you never have to worry if the cup you’re about to drink is old or burnt. The whole is also certified by the Association for coffee specialties for ‘gold standard home brewing’.

Oh, and if you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping this weekend, the 9-cup OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker makes a great gift for any coffee-loving friend or family member, as it’s much slimmer than your average Mr. Coffee (although, no hate for my old standard), and the unique design takes it from a regular gift to something special. I know it’s on mine list!

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