Old White Painted Cupboards – Before After

If you’re not tired of the paint-it-white trend, even thinking about it paint your own cabinets white, then this is the project for you. And if you’re shocked that these wood cabinets were painted white, know that every expert this homeowner consulted recommended throwing them away, so maybe painting them was the perfect compromise?

Here’s a full-length bonus shot featuring the builder’s standard boob light, as well as an eye-opener of that enviable wood floor – love those skinny planks! But there is something about the pictures do not reveal, thank God:

The previous owner was an elderly woman who couldn’t see very well, which was pretty obvious from the amount of grease on the cabinets. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

As if painting wasn’t enough work already, it sounds like Steffy van Steffy’s pros and cons was about to undergo a major degreasing – certainly an unenviable task.

Here we see two less than ideal factors in the old kitchen: the backsplash is a bit murky and dull, and the black and white stove and microwave clash with the rest of the kitchen.

Now the appliances are perfectly integrated into the space, thanks to the paintwork, hardware, tile backsplash, and marbled countertops. The tones of the mixer and kettles are cleverly reflected in the rug, while the drying rack coordinates with the floor. These two subtle design movements connect the two horizontal planes in the kitchen and unify the space.

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