Ninja CREAMi Frozen Treat Maker Review 2022

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I’ve always had a sweet tooth and I’m pretty sure it runs in my family. It’s not like I have a ton of sweet treats in the house, but there’s usually always one in my fridge, pantry, or freezer. My favorite treat is usually cold ice cream, and the more toppings it has, the better — especially if it’s peanut butter, chocolate, or caramel. As much as I love a bowl or pint of ice cream, it can always get pretty expensive to buy and isn’t the most convenient option if you have to get out of the house to get it. I’ve had an ice cream maker for years, but it’s been a while since I’ve used it. It’s an electric maker, but you still have to fill it with rock salt and wait for it to churn for about as long as you would if you were turning it by hand yourself. When I first heard about the Ninja CREAMi, I knew it was the sweet treat upgrade that would fit right in my kitchen.

The full Ninja CREAMi package includes the device, an outer bowl for processing, and four pints of any frozen treat you want to make. I lifted the CREAMi straight out of the box to its new home on the counter. There were only a few pieces of packaging to throw away before I could get to the bottom of the machine’s functions, and luckily a manual and recipe book came with it. As long as I had enough ingredients for at least one recipe, I could make my first dessert right away! (Best of all, no rock salt needed.) The Ninja CREAMi can make a variety of frozen treats, including ice cream, sorbet, gelato, granita, milkshakes, and smoothie bowls. The recipes are incredibly simple, and if you have the patience to wait 24 hours for a mixture to freeze, you’ve already mastered the hardest part of a CREAMi creation. I picked a few flavors of ice cream to try (Cinnamon roll and Fruity cereals) after my next round of errands, then rummaged through my pantry and fridge to see if there was anything I could make right away. As it turned out, there was!

To make sorbet with the Ninja CREAMi, all I needed was 100 percent fruit juice, sugar, and water. I made two pints of lemon sorbet and followed the same recipe with pineapple juice to make a second pair of fruit-flavored pints. The liquid mixtures went into the freezer and after waiting all day to freeze them, I could finally pick one to make into creamy sorbet. I took a pre-sorbet of lemon from the freezer, loaded it into the Ninja CREAMi’s outer bowl, locked it with a twist, turned on the machine, and pressed the “sorbet” button. To be That easy! The machine buzzed to life and used the Creamerizer paddle to break it down from lemon-flavored sugar water into deliciously smooth sorbet in 90 seconds. The machine is a little loud, but I didn’t find it a nuisance as I knew it was for a purpose. When it finished making the sorbet, I unlocked it and braced myself for the results. If your blend isn’t creamy enough the first time, there’s a Re-Spin button on the unit to spin it again. I didn’t need it though as my sorbet came out perfect. It was soft enough to scoop out with a spoon and had a light and refreshing lemon flavor, just what I needed to fight the hot weather outside. As a test, I drained half the pint and put the remaining sorbet back in the freezer. I was worried I’d have to mix it again after re-frozening it, but was pleasantly surprised to find I could scoop some out and eat it later, just like I would for any pint I buy at the store would purchase.

Treated with sorbet, I dove into ice cream making a few days later. The process is almost the same: you follow the recipe, load it into the machine and press the “Ice Cream” button. One major difference is that I did have to use the Re-Spin button for my Cinnamon Bun ice cream. The first churn came out crumbly so it needed another cycle for a smoother and creamier mixture. After that, the ice cream had the right consistency and tasted so good that I made it a point to share it with relatives who were visiting. If I had made the Fruity Cereal ice cream, I would have had to use the “Mix-In” button, which is used for more complex ice cream recipes with ingredients such as frozen fruit, chocolate, candy, nuts, cereal, and more. Keep in mind that fresh fruits, sauces, and spreads don’t mix well as they will dilute the dessert. (An alternative is chocolate and caramel shell toppings.) If you’re not a fan of dairy or have a low tolerance, there are also plenty of dairy-free options and substitutions for you to enjoy.

So far I’ve had much more success with sorbet than ice cream, but I’m looking forward to trying more recipes and desserts. I’ve even brainstormed what Christmas treats I can make with the Ninja CREAMi for family gatherings in the coming months. It’s so easy to keep ready-made mixes in the freezer that I often freeze several pints at once. Whenever I feel like something sweet, all I have to do is grab one, load it into the Ninja CREAMi and enjoy it – all in less than five minutes. Besides my kettle and airfryer, the Ninja CREAMi is my most used countertop appliance. As someone who made specifically for ice cream, it saved me a lot of gas and money which is just a plus in my book!

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