Lunya’s silk pajamas are great for sweaty sleepers

Like many picky sleepers, I have a certain nocturnal riddle. I sleep warm, like waking up sweating in the middle of the night hot, but I also have to get deep into my bed to really fall asleep. I can stick my foot out of the covers a few times at night, tempting both ghosts and chills, but those moments of relief are short-lived.

Given this mess, I usually sleep in a T-shirt or an old tank top. Anything with longer sleeves gives me a feeling of suffocation, which is a shame. I’d love nothing more than to be a real, grown woman who does things like wear matching pajamas, brush her hair before bed, and rub lotion on her hands before she goes to sleep.

Lunya’s pajamas, in all their silky smooth glory, followed me around the internet for months. Finally I collapsed. Now I have to admit—Lunya’s washable silk set let me be the nocturnal starlet of my dreams.

Warm bodies

Every year at Christmas I unbox a pair of pajamas from Santa Claus, my grandparents or my mother. They were always cute, always practical… and always way too warm. Every time I opened Instagram I saw Lunya’s pajamas, but were they really worth almost $200?

The answer was: maybe. deborah young, a textile expert with decades of experience suggests that hot sleepers should prioritize more absorbent fabrics. Silk is less dense than your standard cotton or rayon pajamas and it can hold more than 30 percent of its weight in moisture. It carries all that moisture away from our tossing, spinning bodies.

I know I’m not the only one who’s scorching hot. The science may not be conclusive, but show studies that anywhere from 10 to 41 percent of people report having night sweats. There are plenty of causes for this, from the medications you take to the way you metabolize your meals. But I was really just excited that I could finally wear cute pajamas without such a struggle.

Silky smooth

Photo: Luna

Once out of the package, I loved the feel of it. It felt like forest fairies delicately draped the fabric – there was enough weight to enjoy the soft, buttery texture, but not too much. The back of the shirt and the sides of the shorts have slits, which allow my legs to move at night and give my back a chance to catch cooler air when needed. I never woke up and had to unscrew a pant leg or undo a shirt from my stomach. (Um, sorry.)

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