Le Creuset gifts under $100: This French press is a crowd pleaser

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These days, it’s surprisingly hard to figure out what to do for an expectant couple. Because many couples move in together before getting married, they start collecting and assembling the crockery, glassware, cookware and knick-knacks in the home they want—long before a date is set or a ring is on a particular finger. Wedding registries are thin (usually 20 people arguing over which set of plates they’re going to get the couple), and while I like to contribute to honeymoon funds and more experiential gifts, sometimes I prefer to get something tangible and special, especially if I know the couple well . So when my girlfriend got married in 2021, I wanted to give her and her partner something that they would use every day.

Even though I went through my boyfriend’s registry three months before the wedding, it was still pretty sorted. I had the opportunity to buy a few kitchen utensils and those dreaded plate sets, but there was one diamond in the rough: My friend had impulsively added the Le Creuset Stoneware French Press to her list. We’d talked about how beautiful Le Creuset’s enamel pieces were before, so I knew this gift would have a sentimental value that the spatula sets didn’t.

While she (and I) would love to have Le Creuset Dutch Ovens in our kitchens, they’re not budget-friendly and usually cost at least $300. The French Press is the perfect price for a wedding gift. In addition, it is practical and visually stunning. It checked all the boxes for me.

As someone who enjoys small luxuries and is known among my friends for his penchant for the finer things in life, my friend immediately noticed that I was the one who got her the Le Creuset French Press in Marseille.

In her thank you note, months later, she described how the French press brightened up her morning routine and added a chic pop of color to her kitchen counter. As a coffee maker, she says the French press does its job, and the stoneware design keeps the coffee warm for hours after she makes it, unlike other glass French presses. While some people may be concerned about how vulnerable the French press is, it has survived so far.

I would recommend buying this gift for a coffee lover, a Le Creuset fan, someone who has just moved or as a wedding gift. It comes in 12 colors, so you can find one that best suits the giftee.

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