Launch of Beautiful By Drew Limited-Edition Merlot Capsule Collection

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Towards the end of the year, those “big” holidays tend to take up all of our time and attention. Don’t get us wrong — nobody loves the holidays like we do (all those cooking options!), but it’s important not to forget the little guys when it comes to holidays worth celebrating. Example: today is National Merlot Day! (Go ahead – we’ll wait while you pour yourself a glass to celebrate). Wine holidays are part of our favorite to celebrate, and this year we’re not alone – it turns out Drew Barrymore feels the same way!

In case you’re not familiar, America’s darling/all-around happy man Drew Barrymore has an exclusive line with Walmart, Beautiful by Drew, that seamlessly blends functional kitchen gadgets with a fresh, fashionable aesthetic that everyone would love to keep on countertops. We already have tons of favorites from her collection — from the high-performance mixer and non-stick cookware to the best-selling air fryer-toaster oven that totally impressed our editors — so we were thrilled to see many of those basic items now available. in a new, limited-edition shade in honor of National Merlot Day: Merlot of course!

Realized in a rich, sultry oxblood, Drew’s take on Merlot is dramatic, striking and perfect for all the fall and winter entertainment that’s filling your calendar right now. One of the most stunning iterations? Her tilt-head mixer/food processor. With enough power to rival pricier, major brands, it has all the features you need to whip up any number of holiday desserts, including 12 versatile speed settings, a roomy mixing bowl, and all sorts of accessories. Plus, who wouldn’t want to keep this stunner on their counter?

Another perfect seasonal pick in this striking shade? The electric kettle. During the colder months there is nothing better than a soul-warming drink to keep you cosy, and this digital double-walled electric kettle couldn’t make it easier. It boils up to 7 cups of water in less than seven minutes and keeps your water warmer for longer thanks to its stainless steel construction. You can also rely on four pre-programmed settings to help you score the perfect temperature for different types of tea or coffee. Basically, this will be your go-to gadget for whipping up everything from hot chocolate after sledding to warm toddies for when you’re wrapping a holiday present.

Keep in mind that this limited-edition colorway won’t last long, so if you’re looking to add some drama to your kitchen, you’ll want to act fast with everything Drew has to offer in this shade (there’s also an airfryer, a Dutch oven and more!). Happy Merlot Day, from Drew to you!

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