Instagram rolls out in-app scheduling tool for creator accounts

Professional accounts on Instagram can finally schedule their posts in the app, the company announced.

The newly released tool allows users to schedule messages, roles, and carousels up to 75 days in advance, previously only possible with third-party apps. However, not everyone will be able to use the tool: it is specific for companies and creators for now. Creators can schedule their live videos up to 90 days in advance, but this new feature allows them to schedule their grid posts, reels, and carousels in advance.

This update comes a few weeks after Meta started testing the ability to schedule content at a percentage of [its] global community.”


Soon you will be able to schedule posts on Instagram

Scheduling posts works pretty much exactly the way you think. You prepare a message, tap ‘Advanced settings’ and click ‘Schedule this message’. Then choose the date and time, go back to the Instagram post flow, and click “Schedule.” Simple.

The Instagram creator account post describing how to schedule a post.

It’s a breeze.
Credit: Screenshot/Instagram @creators

Creators and businesses can see all their scheduled posts in one place, the ‘scheduled content’ section, which also allows users to reschedule content.

If you want to schedule your Insta posts but don’t have a “pro” account, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to schedule posts via third-party apps such as Planoly, Buffer and more.

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