I’m a former pastry chef and I’m buying this OXO storage set for Black Friday

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It’s been a few years, a few moves, a few life changes and a global pandemic since I set foot in a restaurant kitchen. But somehow it feels like yesterday when I set my alarm for 3am, put on my clogs and chef’s trousers and headed out into the early morning. And while it’s light when I wake up these days, there are countless habits left over from my time as a pastry chef that have stayed with me. For example, I’m seriously investing in countertop appliances (you can find my stand mixer on sale right now, thankfully!) and always wear an apron when you go on culinary adventures (I practically sleep in my beloved Hedley & Bennet when the holidays roll around). I mean hey, you can take a girl out of the restaurant, but you can’t take the restaurant out of the girl.

For those unfamiliar with professional kitchens, there are very strict rules and regulations about how, where and why certain foods are stored. In restaurants, we use Cambros and deli containers to keep things organized, but at home I use stackable, label-friendly storage to keep my pantry neat and tidy—or at least I want to. Since moving recently, I have a rather motley collection of containers in my baking closet and have been looking for a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and restaurant-worthy solution. Well folks, I found it, and it is for sale now at OXO: the 5-piece POP Container Set! (In other words, I’ll add to cart ASAP.)

Why is this set the most exciting find I’ll buy this Black Friday? Let’s start simple: this five-piece collection is BPA-free and completely dishwasher safe, not to mention extremely durable, airtight and compatible with the brand’s scoop accessories. These factors are non-negotiable when storing baking supplies like flour and sugar, which can otherwise be susceptible to leached chemicals from plastic and are most easily infiltrated by cupboard pests (yuck!). Plus, I love that OXO’s handy scoops slide right onto the bottom of the container lids, which is worlds better than the broken metal scoops buried under cups of brown sugar I’m used to from my restaurant days.

The set comes with four different sized containers ranging in size from just over a cup to 11 cups. The variety of different sizes meets my baking needs perfectly; the smallest containers can hold baking soda, sprinkles, nuts, and the like without wasting space, and the largest containers are large enough to hold essentials like flour and white sugar without leaving anything in its original packaging.

I love that they also stack easily on top of each other regardless of size, making for a modular display of easily identifiable content. The added bonus: OXO makes removable labels, they don’t leave a sticky residue on the containers when you peel them off, which is about a 1,000 percent upgrade over the blue tape we used at the restaurant. And if you happen to have more pantry space than I do in my tiny NYC apartment, you can opt for the 20-piece set, which is also on sale. Imagine opening your closet to a complete set of modular, labeled pantry supplies – sounds like a dream.

Long story short, at almost 30 percent off the original price, I stumbled upon the solution at the perfect time. Having a pantry that is organized and space efficient saves me a lot of precious baking time. You won’t see this girl digging in her kitchen cabinets again! I will know precisely where the cornstarch is from now on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to buy containers.

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