I tested the Brava Smart Oven to see if it lives up to the hype: review

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Like many kids of the late ’90s and early ’90s, my Easy-Bake oven was my life. As a child of the new millennia, I was instantly enamored with this piece of technology that allowed me to take cooking into my own little hands and make sweet treats in minutes. So you can imagine my delight when I came across a device some 20 years later that seemed to improve on this idea across the board by allowing you to cook something (breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert) at the touch of a button. I’m talking about the Brava smart oven. Like most smart ovens, the Brava is designed to make cooking fun, easier and faster. But does it live up to the hype? How hard is it to use? And more importantly, is it worth the $1000+ price tag? After months of testing and making dozens of recipes, dear reader, I’m happy to say that this device is the real deal. The best part? It’s on sale for Black Friday!

So what makes this smart oven different from the rest of the smart ovens on the market today? One word: light – because it cooks with light. No seriously. I’ll be the first to admit that when I first heard this, I cocked my head like a confused puppy. Let me break it down: Using a combination of both infrared and visible light (courtesy of the device’s six halogen bulbs), the Brava cooks with light, heats up in seconds, and cooks anything you throw at it in record time. Capable of operating as an oven, toaster oven, slow cooker, steamer, air fryer, dehydrator, casserole, sous vide and grill, it’s designed to be the ultimate easy-to-use all-in-one appliance thanks to intuitive touchscreen controls and a library of recipes which is constantly updated with new and exciting dishes (don’t worry, you’re not obligated to these recipes; you can customize them and add your own too!)

To say I was excited to put this sleek “Jetsons” eqsue device through its paces would be an understatement – I checked my package room with bated breath waiting for it to arrive and unwrapped it with joy. There are a lot of things that attracted me to the Brava Oven, one of the main things being its versatility. Since someone is still building out their kitchen setup, my appliance collection was quite sparse, so finding one that could combine all of these functions into one seemed not only cost efficient, but also small space friendly (a must for my studio apartment). Now for the fun part: the cooking.

A few days after I received it, I spent a day cooking exclusively with my Brava. In addition to the oven, I got the sheet pan, a glass pan, and an egg pan, so I thought I’d start with something simple for breakfast to get familiar with the appliance: eggs and toast. After placing the bread and egg on their respective pans, I tapped the “egg sandwich” recipe, chose my desired egg hardness level, and let it do its thing. Less than five minutes later, I had a perfectly fried egg and crispy toast ready to be plated – minus the hassle.

While doing my research on the Brava, I discovered that the most magical promise of this appliance is that it can cook multiple types of food at the same time thanks to its Pure Light Cooking technology. the same time Bee different temperatures, each to perfection. This meant I didn’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature or pulling out extra pots and pans to cook an entire meal. It seemed impossible, so for my next test, I decided to go all in with something I personally find the most difficult to cook: salmon.

In an attempt to recreate an image I saw on the company’s site, I put together a meal consisting of two pieces of salmon, green beans, and young potatoes. Following the machine’s preset recipe instructions (but jazzing it up with some of my own spices), I placed each item on its own section of the sheet (each pan is divided into three sections) and crossed my fingers. Much to my horror, it worked perfect. The salmon? Tender and flaky. The green beans? Crispy and delicious. The potatoes? Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. I was stunned.

The final test was dessert: chocolate chip cookies. While I could always turn on my conventional oven to bake a batch of cookies, I was really interested in trying it out in the Brava for two reasons: to make a smaller batch and to avoid heating up my apartment on a hot summer night. After compiling my mom’s secret recipe (sorry I can’t share it), I placed them in the Brava, put it in baking mode (where you manually set the time and temperature like a regular oven), and waited for my cookies — oat milk in hand. They came out of the oven at about the same time as they normally would in a regular oven and were just the way I like them, crispy and chewy. Yes, I was sold.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Sarah, why would I need this oven when I have a great oven in my kitchen?” to which I would like to say two things: time and space. Time is precious to me, and while I love a big cookout, there are days when I want to do it all but spending hours in the kitchen cooking, keeping an eye on my meal and cleaning up. With the Brava, cooking on crazy days is less cumbersome and largely foolproof (I’ll never make better salmon than my Brava). It also gives me the opportunity to save So a lot of space by not having to invest in additional kitchen appliances for my home, which honestly would have been just as expensive an investment. Having a truly all-in-one device is a game-changer.

At this point you can save a lot the Brava Smart Oven and its accessories during the Black Friday sale, with $100 off the original Brava Starter Set, $200 off the Brava Bake & Breakfast Set and $300 Brava Chef’s Choice Set. So if you’re ready to take your kitchen into the future, now’s the perfect time to do it. But be quick – this deal only lasts until November 28!

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