How to use Twitter without giving Elon Musk your user data by browsing without logging in

Maybe you don’t want to be a Twitter user, or you have a Twitter login that you don’t want to use, but you still want to read tweets. This is…something possible, but Twitter certainly adds stumbling blocks.

However, there are ways to make browsing Twitter without logging in easier. This can be achieved by installing the browser extension Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall.

Why you might want to browse Twitter without logging in

Twitter is owned by Elon Musk, the world’s richest person. Musk proponents of the right – and in at least a case, to the far right — political candidates, which is his right, but it also makes him a partisan activist who owns a digital communication platform. Rather than proceeding cautiously in light of this precarious situation, he has proven his willingness to post astonishingly harsh and divisive memesand speak derogatory towards his critics.

In the past few weeks, he has abruptly half of Twitter’s payroll purged, putting thousands out of work in an effort to make the company he owns economically viable, even if he denies wanting to take advantage of it. And he has responded to a drop in his company’s revenues by not promising to become a better manager, but by hypocritically nagging about it. activists trying to thwart his attempt to rebuild Twitter around his own concept of free speech.

Musk is once again free to live his business and his life as he pleases. But any pearl from Musk about people reacting badly to his attempt to remake Twitter is pure theatrics. The millions of people he chooses to be active to annoy and oppose every day when he unceasingly broadcasting his thoughts through his app have every right to want to interfere with his pet project.

With that in mind, Twitter – and therefore Musk – makes money from your user data. Notably, in 2021, Twitter made about $500 million from data sales according to the app industry blog Business of Apps. That’s not much compared to the $4.5 billion it made that year from advertising according to that same site. But since some ad agencies are recommending their clients not to pay Twitter now, and Musk has stated that he would like Twitter to be less dependent on ad revenueTwitter’s data sales revenue may be more important than ever.

Oh, and having a Twitter account leads to famously compulsive behavior. So if you’re someone who avoids Twitter because you use it compulsively, but still want to read tweets, it’s probably a good idea not to be logged in.

What happens if you surf Twitter without an account?

If you are using a mobile browser and you go to without a login, you will immediately arrive at the “login wall” and be instructed to login.

If you see a tweet that interests you, and you click through to the Twitter account that posted it, you can often scroll through the timeline for a while and enjoy more Tweets from that user. After a while, though, you’ll come across a popup asking you to log in if you’d like to ‘see more Tweets’ from whatever account you were enjoying.

A pop-up prompting the user to log in to Twitter or create an account

Credit: Screengrab/Twitter

This popup is a dead end to your scrolling session. The only way to close it is to do what it says or press your browser’s back button.

If, on the other hand, you start with on a desktop browser without being logged in, you’ll see an Explore page, filled with suggested Tweets and other information on popular topics. Interesting, according to an anonymous Twitter employee who: spoke to the New York Times, this was an innovation from Musk. One of the first decisions Musk made after purchasing Twitter, according to the employee, was to “change the logged-out view in the Explore page,” allowing Twitter to “show ads to people who aren’t logged in.”

So no, you don’t completely cut off Musk’s justrein by not having an account. But if you still want to browse without logging in, do the following:

How to read unlimited tweets without logging in

If you are using the Chrome browser, the extension is Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall, created by a developer in Japan calling itself MaySoMusician. callscan be installed by going to the extension’s page in the Chrome Web Store and clicking “Add to Chrome.”

the button that installs Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall in chrome

The button that solves your problem
Credit: Screengrab/Google

After clicking on it, you will get a popup stating that the extension, ironically, can read and modify your browsing data on Decide if that’s okay with you and click on ‘Add extension’ or ‘Cancel’.

MaySoMusician also made a version of Breakthrough Twitter Login Wall for Firefox users.

Now that you can read tweets without hitting the login wall, but you can’t follow people, Twitter is a slower — and less addictive — experience. If you’re inclined, you can bookmark the profiles of users you find particularly informative or entertaining, and return to them often.

The extent to which Twitter finds it useful or lucrative to track and sell the data of people who use its site without being logged in is an open question, and if it does sell such data, it is certainly a worthwhile issue. to keep in mind.

But hey, at least Twitter no longer has information about you that includes your actual written thoughts, and data about the thoughts of others you “like”, all of which are tied to a profile that includes your name, photo, and location.

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