How to clean up your home screen

If you still want easy access to apps but find you just have too many icons on your home screens, folders can help. To create a folder, drag an icon on top of another icon. This can be an app shortcut or a shortcut to something else, such as a contact or a website. The folder is created and you can drag more shortcuts into it if needed. To rename a folder, tap it to open it and then tap the name.

For example, you can create a folder of social media apps, or a folder of apps you need for work, or a folder of your most used contacts. Tap and hold and drag individual icons to unfold them or remove them from the home screen. You can also touch, hold and drag a folder in its entirety to the Remove button to remove it from the Home screen without any hassle installing the apps or shortcuts in it.

You can prevent new apps from adding shortcuts to the home screen.

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When it comes to widgets, remember that many of them are customizable: you may want to shrink certain widgets to free up some space, or even make them bigger to keep your home screens simpler. To see if a widget can be resized, tap and hold it. If you can adjust its height and width on screen, you will see handles on the sides.

Go to Settings and choose Wallpaper and style then App grid, and you can adjust how close the icons are to your home screen, which can help clean up. You can also long press on a home screen, choose To adjustand switch the Add app icons to the home screen toggle switch. For example, when installing new apps, they do not automatically get a shortcut on the home screen.


Open the Settings screen on iOS and select Home screen to decide where new apps are placed: Choose App library only to add them to the final home screen, or Add to home screen to also create another shortcut on a default home screen. The first option is the one you should use to keep your home screens as clutter-free as possible (you can easily add app shortcuts manually, if you need to).

If there’s an app shortcut on a home screen that you’d like to remove, tap and hold it and lightly drag it around the small (minus) symbol next to it. Tap to remove the shortcut without uninstalling the app. Any website shortcuts you may have created in Safari can be removed in the same way.

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