‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 9: The Prophecy You May Have Missed

the end of House of the Dragon Episode 9 was quite abrupt and dramatic, with the focus since understandably resting on Rhaenys’ dramatic escape from King’s Landing.

But really, it shouldn’t have been such a shock, as we were told it would happen. The problem was that the words were spoken by a character that no one listens to.


How does episode 9 of ‘House of the Dragon’ compare to episode 9s of ‘Game of Thrones’?

Okay, let’s make a backup. Earlier in the episode, after King Viserys is (finally) confirmed dead, Queen Alicent sets out to find her son Aegon to tell him he will be the new king. Her first stop is her daughter and Aegon’s sister/wife (yep), Princess Helaena Targaryen.

Princess Helaena, you may remember, is a little strange. She plays with insects, she doesn’t say much, and when she does, it often sounds like random nonsense.

Or at least it did until she perfectly predicted the ending of episode 9.

In the scene in question, Alicent visits Helaena and is about to tell her about her father’s death, when Helaena suddenly interrupts him and whispers, “There’s a beast under the shelves.”

At that point, Alicent takes no notice. As viewers, we hardly notice it either.

But until the end of the episode, Helaena’s words take on a whole new meaning. Over there used to be a beast among the planks: Princess Rhaenys’ dragon Meleys, on the back of which she bursts through the floor to completely derail King Aemon’s coronation before flying off to tell Rhaenyra what the Hightowers are up to.

Turns out we should have listened to Helaena the whole time. Going back to her previous scenes, Helaena predicts that her brother will be blinded in one eye in Episode 6 – “He’ll Have to Close One Eye”, she whispers when her mother tells Aemond that one day he will have a dragon – and in episode 7 she mutters a seemingly nonsensical poem that may have even greater meaning.

A woman puts her hand on the shoulder of a blond girl who is playing with a centipede.

Helaena casually predicted that her brother would lose an eye in episode 6.
Credit: HBO

“Hand turns loom, spool of green, spool of black, dragons of flesh weaving dragons of thread,” sings Helaena under the breath at Laena Velayron’s funeral.

What if “Hand Turns Loom” refers to the hand, Otto Hightower, plotting to get his daughter married to King Viserys? The coils of green and black can represent the different factions that are about to go into battle (Alicent vs Rhaenyra), and the dragons can represent something that is going to happen during that battle. For example, does dragons of wire mean banners? Or could it mean fake Targaryens, referring to the sons of Rhaenyra?

Hard to say, but based on Helaena’s track record, it looks like we’ll find out soon enough.

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