Hamilton Beach Classic Stand and Hand Mixer Review 2022

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A few Christmas days ago (long before I started my cozy gig as a cookware tester), I wanted to get my girlfriend a stand mixer after she left me countless hints while watching “The Great British Baking Show”. The problem, however, was that I had limited employment as a freelance writer and more specifically a few nights a week as a bartender. In other words, I couldn’t afford the standard KitchenAid stand mixer (which, of course, is as good as they get). I still wanted to keep going for the holidays, so I thought I’d give her a limited-time version until I saved up enough money to buy the real deal – which I eventually did, and she loved it. But what I initially thought would be a not-so-great gift eventually became the perfect addition to our tiny apartment kitchen. In fact, we end up using the Hamilton Beach Classic Stand and Hand Mixer even more than our glossy KitchenAid model.

It feels like a no-brainer, but this is the first two-in-one mixer I’ve seen. It’s essentially a lightweight hand mixer that easily detaches from its sturdy base, so you can either grab your hands for quickly whisking eggs and whipping the batter, or relax and let the machine do the work for you. to do. It features a 4-quart bowl with six adjustable speeds (plus a quick burst setting), a bowl rest function that allows the hand mixer to sit on the rim of the bowl to eliminate messy drips, and a “shift and stir” lever which rotates the bowl while seated for uniform mixing. And the mixer set comes with a set of traditional beaters, a whisk and two dough hooks.

Personally, we think the best quality of the mixer is its versatility. In our old apartments we could never justify that we both have a food processor and a hand mixer, so this is the perfect solution for small spaces or apartment kitchens. This model is detachable for all kinds of mixing needs, meaning you’re not limited to a fixed bowl size – however, you can also set it and forget it on tasks that would otherwise result in a sore arm of holding a mixer, such as whipping egg whites. Best of all, the mixer doesn’t take up nearly as much space as larger models. Its slim and small body fits easily into our Lazy Susan corner cabinet.

Plus, my girlfriend and I aren’t the only ones digging this thing. It has over 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and customers love it. “Very nice mixer with all its speeds. How convenient it is to have a hands-free kickstand or take it out and operate it without the kickstand,” writes one reviewer. “Love it. Bought one as a gift too. Great quality product for the price.”

Brooke uses this for just about everything she mixes, from cake batter and bread dough to whipped cream, meringues and more. If you’re looking for a space-saving stand mixer that costs (literally) six to seven times less than the more expensive models on the market, you can’t go wrong with the Hamilton Beach Classic Stand and Hand Mixer.

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