Great Jones Holy Sheet Pan Review

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When it comes to cookware, there really is nothing less interesting than the griddle. They are flat, metal and lack any distinguishing features other than any Rorschach-like patterns of fried brown fat. So maybe that’s why people are behind Great Jones cookware decided to exceed all our expectations and introduce a flat pan that is absolutely desirable.

But looks don’t count much if the pan can’t perform in the kitchen, so I decided to give it the kind of training only a roasted veggie obsessed procrasti baker can. I got one and have been using it almost every day since, roasting all kinds of carrots and crucifers, making pan dinners, and baking cookies, scones, and biscuits. In all cases, the pan performs… just like my other flat pans.

That’s actually a compliment, because my other pans are some sturdy, well-used, well-made, and well-loved suckers from the restaurant store. So the fact that the Holy Sheet can go head-to-head with these high-quality commercial sheets — and bring the bright, bold, super fun color to boot – means it’s become my absolute favorite. And now through November 28, you can take it home with 25 percent off during the Great Jones Black Friday Savings Event.

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At 17.25 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and 1 inch high, the pans are the same dimensions as standard half-sheet pans. That means the Holy Sheet nestles perfectly with my other pans, making storage no problem.

The pan is made of aluminized steel, which means that there is steel between aluminum. And it has steel bars running through the rolled edges. This makes the pan highly resistant to warping, but also a lot heavier than my aluminum pans. My kids don’t like using it for that reason because it’s hard for them to get it in and out of the oven with one hand. (I don’t mind having my own griddle though!)

Uneven browning is often a pitfall of aluminized steel, but I’ve had no issues with that at all. (Because the colored enamel doesn’t reflect heat as intensely as shiny metal.) In fact, all of my baked goods come out of the oven with perfectly golden brown bottoms—and none get too dark.

Plus, the ultra-saturated color makes for an incredible backdrop for evening meals. I can just put the whole pan on the table and that feels special. And because it’s a ceramic coating, it’s non-stick with no PFOE chemicals. Cleaning is super easy and sour tomatoes don’t leave stains like on my other pans. Unlike my aluminum pans, which can take a beating in the kitchen, I try to take care of the holy sheet. I treat it like I do my ceramic sauté pans. That means no metal utensils, and I hand wash it even though it’s touted as dishwasher safe.

Fun fact: The Holy Sheet pan once again made our list of Kitchn Essentials, an official collection of the tools and gadgets that will make you a better cook in 2022. View the full list here. It also took first place in our Best List test.

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