GitHub’s copilot takes keyboard out of encryption India News, The Indian Express

An example of using "Hey GitHub" voice commands to write code with the CoPilot AI.

It seems that Microsoft’s love for accessibility is trickling down to GitHub. In a surprising announcement, GitHub says it’s a hands-free coding function be first Copilot software. Over time, a simple “Hey, GitHub” voice command will allow you to write, edit, and navigate code without a keyboard.

This experimental feature is exclusive to Copilot, an AI-powered coding software that costs $10 per month. Copilot is an ambitious project: it can propose or write code for you, or even predict your next line of code. (Of course, CoPilot is known for: steal open source code, which is why it is so effective. But that’s programming!)

Obviously, Copilot can make coding more accessible for people with limited mobility (or experienced programmers with wrist injuries). But it also seems like a nice convenience. For example, you can ask the AI ​​to summarize a piece of code or navigate to a specific line in your Copilot editor.

Copilot subscribers can: sign up for a waiting list for the “Hey, GitHub” experiment. Be warned, GitHub says this feature will only “reduce the need for a keyboard”. Future improvements may enable 100% hands-free coding.

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