Get a Lavazza Espresso Machine 40% Off During Amazon’s Early Black Friday Sale – LifeSavvy

A cup of espresso is on a saucer, an espresso machine makes coffee and two cups of coffee are on a wooden table.

The days feel longer and the sun sets earlier. You might need a pick-me-up mid-day, and that usually means a trip to the coffee shop. But thanks to an early Black Friday sale on Amazon, you can get the necessary shock and be your own coffee shop.

You can one Lavazza mini espresso maker for one person for 40% off and say goodbye to your Starbucks bill.

Let’s face it – that coffee shop bill has gotten expensive. A quick and easy way to remedy that is to make your own coffee drinks at home. But to make those lattes and cappuccinos, you need an espresso machine. This single-serve option from Lavazza gives you a perfect shot of espresso, and it’s compact to boot!

The espresso machine has two settings. You can brew a classic espresso with the automatic setting or opt for a programmable setting that allows you to brew a long coffee to make a lungo (using more water). You will use Lavazza BLUE and expert capsules to brew your drink, meaning you never have to measure out your own coffee grounds and worry about not getting the water to brew ratio right.

Whether you have a coffee lover in your life who needs a Christmas gift or you want to keep it to yourself (and there’s no shame in that), this espresso machine is a must shop.

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