Elon Musk has fired even more Twitter employees

The layoffs continue on Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Twitter allegedly fired thousands of contractors this weekend without notice or warning. Casey Newtown, a tech reporter who writes the substack, platform game, reported on Sunday, Twitter fired about 4,400 of its 5,500 contract workers. Newton also reported that the contractors were not warned, but simply denied access to Slack and email.

the “austerity” [were] is expected to have a significant impact on content moderation and the core infrastructure services that keep the site running,” Newton wrote on Twitter. confirmed later that Twitter had fired a large number of contractors, including those with content moderation.

Musk’s tenure on Twitter has been marked by dysfunction, rash ideas and layoffs. And while layoffs are never fun or welcome, they’re especially hard on Twitter’s employees. Company about half fired its full-time employees and reportedly asked for some to come back because things weren’t going well without them. The whole process was through impersonal, automated emails. People at the company have described office morale as appalling.


The mass layoffs of Twitter have arrived. The social platform will never be the same again.

So now there are even more people who have done important work on Twitter. Musk has reportedly said: the company is in financial trouble — he paid a whopping $44 billion for the company — and must make amends with a skeleton crew. The chaos doesn’t look like it will abate anytime soon.

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