Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster Review 2022

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I have a lot of annoyances with the different toasters I’ve used or had over the years. When I had to buy a new one, I knew it had to solve all those problems. I finally succeeded with the Elite Gourmet Long Slot 4-Slice Toaster.

What makes the Elite Gourmet 4 Piece Toaster so great?

I have two kids who want everything to be fair and equal, and one thing that really stands out to them is that food can not come soon enough if they are hungry. Being able to present both of their food at the same time is a huge win with this toaster. The oversized toaster can hold two full bagels, four pieces of toast, or four waffles. Breakfast for several children is now much smoother.

Other four-slice toasters I’ve seen usually have individual slots. Instead, this toaster has long slots that run the length of the unit, so it’s perfect for the artisan boules I get from my local baker or, if I’m lucky, from my friends who took up baking during the pandemic . A nice, rustic piece of sourdough can be toasted to perfection without having to reduce it to the size of a “sandwich.”

The toaster’s slots are also wide enough for thick slices of bread. This is especially useful if you accidentally cut a bagel unevenly, or if you’re making Texas toast. I used to burn the overly thick half of a bagel, but now there’s enough room left in the slots to toast them evenly.

What features does the Elite Gourmet 4-Piece Long Slot Toaster have?

In addition to the extra-long and extra-wide slots, the reheat button comes in handy for when I want something reheated, like when I’ve been dealing with those hangry kids and neglecting my own breakfast. There is also a defrost option and a standard knob for the desired level of toast. I’ve never used anything that goes beyond the middle, but that’s a personal preference.

Unique features include a retractable warming rack (which allows you to brighten up a fresh croissant or cookie without the need for the air fryer or microwave), and a handy cancel button (which makes it easy to eject your toast or bagel if you notice something wrong with it). hitting it). too sharp). There is a good spring in the handle, making it easy to pull out shorter pieces of toast or English muffins that may be closer to the base of the appliance.

Finally, we come to a major annoyance: cleaning the toaster. Whenever you think you’re going to set your house on fire because crumbs have fallen into the bottom of the toaster, just slide out the crumb tray and toss them away – no cumbersome shaking and maneuvering here!

If only all problems could be solved with one kitchen appliance.

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