Dipping Oil Recipe (Infused with Herbs and Spices)

This dip oil is dressed with ground spices for texture, lemon and herbs for flavor and decoration, and a blend of alliums and pepper for a spicy kick.

For fans of dipping bread in oil and vinegar, here’s a slightly showier option. All you need are some aromatics and oil. Yes, it’s a simple combination, but one of the greatest properties of oil is that it has taste. When heated up with other ingredients, it will grow the wingspan of those ingredients, infusing the oil with layers of deep flavor.

A self-chosen adventure dipping oil

The great thing about this recipe is that it is extremely customizable. You can make it with just a few ingredients or fill it with a mix of spices, herbs and other spicy things. Crushed herbs add texture, lemon zest and whole sprigs of hard-stemmed herbs add color and flavor (although this should of course be avoided when eating), and a mix of alliums and chiles adds some bite. When making the oil, it’s important not to let the oil get too hot so that nothing becomes bitter. When you start to see bubbles, turn off the heat and let the mixture draw from the residual heat. Dip in the oil with crusty or soft bread, then switch the aromatics for your next batch (because there will likely be another batch).

How to serve this dipole?

The oil and stack of bread make a great appetizer or cocktail hour snack. You can strain the oil into a bowl before serving or you can leave the treats in the oil for a nice look and also to give your guests a little taste sample. I also like to serve the oil straight from the small cast iron skillet I make it in. It looks great on the table and means one less dish to wash up.

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