Clevr Blends Mocha Superlatte Review 2022

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If you’ve been to my (very small) kitchen at least once, it won’t be long before I tell you about my favorite (and Oprah’s!) superlatte brand: Clevr Blends. I mean, it’s hard not to notice my vast collection in my fridge — not to mention the stash in my closets. I first discovered the latte brand that is better for you a few years ago and have actually raved about it with everyone I know. While the Matcha and Coffee are my go-tos, I was itching for something new to keep up with the season. And just like that, Clevr Blends introduced its most requested flavor today: Mocha!

If you’ve never heard of Clevr Blends, let me recap why these creamy, dreamy drinks are a must-have in your morning (or afternoon and evening!) routine. Not only are they easy to whip up quickly in the morning – just add water and foam it up – but they save me a precious coin because I don’t feel the need to go to the coffee shop around the corner every day (although I enjoy still a few times a week).

Most importantly, these instant lattes, well, don’t taste instantaneously. They are super luxurious and make me feel great all day, unlike many other caffeinated drinks you can sip on. They’re also made with ingredients like reishi to boost your mood, lion’s mane for focus, and ashwagandha to help with stress, so these lattes are way better than any regular cup of coffee. Plus, they don’t come with all the caffeine jitters either.

Now let’s get back to the main event, the Mokka Superlatte! Clevr’s newest member in the lineup is a stress-supporting version of the classic coffee shop drink. With silky chocolate, warm spices (it has another Kitchn favorite in it: Diaspora Co.), and brain-boosting adaptogens, it’s basically a hug in a cup. It’s the ultimate cozy companion as we all face the busiest time of the year. Best of all? It’s Clevr’s most sustainably produced superlatte to date! You won’t find refined sugars, flavored syrups, or other unpronounceable ingredients in this mouthwatering drink. What’s not to love?

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