Cardi B’s Boozy Whipped Cream now comes in a seasonal peppermint flavor

Have you ever wondered what happens when you infuse delicious whipped cream with premium distilled vodka? You get a taste of what it’s like to party like Cardi B, with the world’s first boozy bottle of whipped cream.

Aptly named Whipshots, Cardi’s line of vodka-infused whipped cream hit the market last December with three original flavors to kick it off. As the artist is no stranger to innovation, the success of the initial Starco Brand collaboration – which aims to make cocktails and sweets less common with a simple dollop (or three) – now adds a whole new flavor to the line . And it fits perfectly with the holidays.

After selling over a million cans in just under a year of availability, Whipshots is expanding its product line with a limited edition peppermint flavor. Joining the ranks of vanilla, mocha, and caramel flavors, the new Peppermint Whipshots are an excellent pairing with any cup of hot chocolate, coffee, eggnog, or even an espresso martini.

“With the holiday season just around the corner, we are excited to release the new peppermint flavor just in time for consumers to enjoy with their family and friends,” said David Dreyer, CMO of Starco Brands. “As demand for Whipshots has exceeded expectations, we look forward to new flavor innovations throughout the year that will continue to disrupt the spirits industry one step at a time.”

To add to the brand’s accolades from year one, Whipshots also became the recipient of a double gold medal at the 2022 SIP Awards and a gold medal at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. With an alcohol content of 10 percent, no refrigeration required, and four flavors overall, Whipshots has geared up to eat up the competition in one great-tasting swoop.

Available online and at select retail locations, you can find 50-milliliter cans for $5.99, 200-milliliter cans for $13.99, and 375-milliliter cans for $19.99. However, unlike the line’s original flavorings, the new peppermint variety has only been around for a short time, so it may be in your best interest to stock up.

If you’re looking for some easy pairing ideas for your first bottle of bougie and boozy peppermint whipped cream, try topping your whipped 3-ingredient hot chocolate, or these eggnog pancakes — which just might be the perfect recipient of the Cardi B treatment.

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