Brightland has just launched the Perfect Mini Stocking Stuffer Gifts

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For those of you planning on stuffing stockings this holiday season, let me make a suggestion: pack those oversized socks with delicious bottles, jars, cans, and packets of goodness. (Believe me, you and your loved ones have one terribly happy holidays if you take my advice.) And if you’re here, chances are you’ll agree with us that the best stocking fillers are edible. So when we found out that Brightland recently launched some of their best-selling pantry essentials in mini sizes that you can buy just to exactly fill a stocking, well, our dreams actually came true.

While the favorite olive oil specialists have some extremely cool bundles of mini bottles, this is the first time you can order them to buy a la carte. Available in three of Brightland’s most iconic bottles – Ardor, Parasol and Alive – each of these stuffers is 1.4 ounces, which is the perfect gift size no matter the season. They are also extremely portable if, like me, you plan on stashing one of these minis in your bag. So, now that you are up to date with the news, get out your Santa hat and make the wishes of your loved ones a reality. (By the way, no one is stopping you from putting these in your own stocking!)

Ardor debuted in 2019 and is easily one of Brightland’s most popular flavors today. The bottle of fiery-hued olive oil is blended with red chiles, jalapeño peppers, chipotle peppers, and bell peppers for a smoky, spicy blend that delivers a burst of flavor whether you dip it into pizza or add it to pasta sauce, or drizzle it over grilled veggies. The early harvest Frantoio olives from which the oil is made are grown on a small family farm in California and pressed no more than 90 minutes after harvest for the freshest product. Perfect for the herbal lover in your life, this bottle will not disappoint.

A spicy touch of sour is more your speed, you say? Well, you’re in luck. Brightland offers their clear, citrusy Champagne Vinegar in a stocking stuffer format. Made with a blend of double-fermented California Chardonnay grapes and California-grown oranges, the bottle can serve as a capacious substitute for just about any vinegar you have in your cupboard. We’d even venture to say that using this lightly fizzy sour and sweet blend will amplify the sour ingredient you’re currently using in salad dressings, sauces, drinks and more.

Alive is perhaps the most versatile bottle on the Brightland site — smooth, round and fresh, this olive oil makes a great base for salad dressing, hummus and marinades, but also works great when drizzled over pasta, on bread or in a cake frosting. olive oil. It is pressed from CA grown Arbequina and Arbosana olives harvested early, whose crunchy, grassy and buttery notes come together in this bottle of true liquid gold. It’s an absolute must in any kitchen (or stocking!).

You can mix and match the bottles as you add them to your cart or stock up on some of your time-tested favorites. We think you’ll agree that putting together thoughtful stocking stuffers is now virtually effortless!

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