Best Pie Plates of 2022 – Top pie pans for home bakers

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Chances are you’ve already picked out the perfect cake to celebrate the day in style, and now all you need is the perfect cake plate to serve it on. In a perfect world you would have a plate that transitions nicely from oven to tabletop. And if it is durable, easy to clean, and budget friendly? Even better.

With so many pie plates to choose from – and yes there are a lot — it can be daunting to find the right one to fit your (table) needs. Luckily, this is your cue to stop searching, because we’ve tapped nine bakers and pie enthusiasts to share the boards they swear by. From fashionable to wallet-friendly, there’s bound to be an option that will look oh-so-delicious on your table.

What to look for when buying a cake plate

Here’s everything you need to know about buying a great pie plate.

Is there a difference between a pie plate, pan and bowl?

Not really, according to our experts.

Take a quick look at our experts’ favorite picks and you’ll find that some recommend a pie plate, while others sing the praises of a pie pan. And then, of course, there are some mentions of a pie dish. So what’s the deal? Is there a difference between a pie plate, pan or bowl? Ceramic and glass pieces are often referred to as a pie plate or dish, while metal ones are usually referred to as a pie pan, but McDermott says the terms can be used interchangeably. “The most important thing is that everyone does the work,” she says.

What is the best material for a pie plate?

Cake plates are usually made of ceramic, glass or metal, but the best material for this your cuisine depends on what you make. While metal can conduct heat quickly and more efficiently—not to mention give it a crispy, golden crust—this type can take your cake a little baking at fast. If you’re in the mood for a juicy fruit pie, a glass or ceramic tray will cook your treats more slowly and more evenly.

How deep should your pie plate be?

Most pie plates range from an inch to an inch and a half deep. A shallow pie plate is often linked to faster baking, and it can minimize the risk of a soggy crust. A deeper pie shell is still in play — especially if you’re craving an extra-thick slice of apple pie — but we’d be wary of the status quo.

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