Best OXO Kitchen Products 2022 – Editor Favorite Tools

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Equipping a kitchen is no sinecure. There are the cookware essentials you use every day, such as a cast iron skillet and a versatile saucepan. Then there are the miscellaneous (but still necessary) tools and gadgets – which you may not even realize you need until you start roasting vegetables and realize that uh, you don’t have a peeler.

When you need to stock up on those everyday tools, OXO is the place to be. The brand has been making thoughtfully designed kitchen essentials for over 30 years, many of which feature in our Kitchn Essentials list.

In short, everything. OXO makes kitchen tools, gadgets and even cookware. It all started with the humble peeler, which founder Sam Farber designed so his wife Betsy, who had mild arthritis, could peel more comfortably. The result was an ergonomic handle that made preparation better. Since then, OXO has been solving those little pain points and annoyances with their smart products.

OXO products are also reasonably priced, with many small tools and gadgets costing $15 or less. For the price, OXO products are seriously high quality. And the brand keeps that promise: if you’re not happy with an OXO product, they’ll replace it or refund your purchase.

What is the best thing to buy at OXO?

Whether you want to stock your kitchen from scratch, replace some worn-out cookware, or just add some essentials to an already abundant collection of cookware, OXO has you covered. Below, we’re listing some of the brand’s most-loved items, many of which also happen to be Kitchn favorites.

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