Best gifts under £50

Some of you will have a natural gift for gift buying – an innate ability to know what to buy for whom and where to get it, no matter the occasion or for which family member or friend they are buying, one way or the other. way nail their gift selections year after year and cement your status as favorite aunt/colleague/second cousin twice removed.

At the other end of the spectrum, we all know that one misguided friend or family member who, without fail, presents the same pair of socks for every special occasion. Their go-to gifts are boring at best, cringe at worst, and almost always end up in the pile of re-gifts. This may sound suspiciously like you. Or more like you’d like to admit, at least.

For those not naturally gifted in the art of, well, gifting, we’ve done the heavy lifting. Below are gifts guaranteed to help you rise through the ranks of the gift-giving hierarchy – all for under £50.

These are the best gifts for under $50 in 2022.

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