Best gifts for kids in 2022 (UK)

This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.

Finding the perfect gift for a child requires attention to detail – and an ear for their reactions to various toy commercials.

Kids can be special. The things kids enjoy change not only with age, but also with changing trends of TV shows and new technology… and TikTok. If parents are lucky enough, their child will provide a long list of the exact items they want as gifts – but sometimes it can be as much of a blissful dip as gifting to someone else’s child.

Instead of buying another gift card or random stuffed animal, here are some tips for gift giving to kids of all ages.

What should you buy for a toddler?

Everyone knows the “terrible twos” rep who is not having the developmental stage not a baby but not yet a child. At this age, children are constantly bouncing between the desire to explore on their own and dependence on parents for most basic needs like eating, getting dressed, or going to the bathroom. That’s one lot from frustrating emotions get through in a day. Kitchen playsets, toys involving different motor skills, and anything with music are gifts that are not just distractions, but gifts that make the toddler feel in control without at lots of help from a parent.

What should you get for primary school children?

Potentially a more terrifying stage than the terrible twos: the one where the pressure to be cool is relentless. This is that age. While “cool” can lend itself to multiple interpretations, gifts that contribute to a child’s developing critical thinking skills and sense of independence, responsibility, and style are all smart ideas. This could be anything from a STEM toy to beginner makeup tools to a fitness tracker or a fake pet that encourages creating routines. Anything that involves an app or a tablet is also a guaranteed win.

What should you buy for teenagers?

Finding a gift that a teen thinks is cool (and will be trendy for more than a few months) might be one of the trickiest purchases you’ll make all year. They’ll probably make a few suggestions, but if you go the surprise route, remember that they care about brands. Thanks to social media influencers promoting products directly to teens on Instagram, Gen Z kids are loyal to very specific brands of tech, accessories, and even water bottles.

Here are the best gifts for kids of all ages in 2022.

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