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Apple has finally launched a redesigned iCloud website with apps appearing as widget-style tiles instead of icons. People may be used to accessing iCloud through native apps on their iPhones, iPads, or Mac, but this is a welcome change for people who use the website to quickly access some photos, documents, notes, and reminders or to view some of the unused files to free up space.

The iCloud website is also very useful for people who use a different computer at work, or for people who have an iPhone and a Windows laptop. You don’t need to install an app to access and edit your notes from a computer, for example.

As MacRumors noted that the company has been testing the new design with app tiles for a few weeks and is now rolling it out to all users. The legacy design of the iCloud site only showed app icons when you logged in, now it shows details under app tiles, such as recent reminders, notes, documents, pages, and photos. There’s even a launcher tile with app icons for quick access to some apps.

The outdated design of the iCloud website Image Credits: Apple

With the new design, you can create a new page document, reminder, note, keynote presentation, or spreadsheet with numbers by clicking the + sign in the top menu bar.

The grid icon on the menu bar lets you access apps. It also includes options for checking your storage and changing your plan. The layout of the website can now be adjusted. When you click the “Customize” button, you’ll see the widgets vibrate — just like on iPhone or iPad — so you can move or remove them.

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