Always follow this little tip for the best mashed potatoes

Want to make your best serving of mashed potatoes ever this Thanksgiving? Of course you do – so do we! And I have good news: The key to a truly fantastic puree doesn’t require fancy footwork, special ingredients, or even a whole lot of effort. There’s just one simple step you need to remember (no matter what recipe you’re using) to make your fluffiest, creamiest purée yet – and it all has to do with the temperature of the dairy.

Always heat the dairy first

Butter, along with milk (or half-and-half, cream, or a combination) are essential for really good mashed potatoes — unless, of course, you choose the vegan mashed potatoes. Regardless of the mashed potato recipe you make, the one thing to always remember is that the temperature of the dairy product when it is added to the potatoes is extremely important. For the very best results, every time, Always warm the butter and milk gently before adding them to the potatoesinstead of adding cold dairy directly from the refrigerator.

Adding cold dairy to your mashed potatoes also cools the mash – and very few people like cold mashed potatoes.

Ready to put this tip into practice? Bring the milk and butter to at least room temperature or, better yet, warm them gently on the stovetop before adding them to your potatoes.

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