All the best mashed potato recipes

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Thanksgiving dinner just isn’t complete without a big bowl of mashed potatoes on the table. You can always count on a dish of fluffy, buttery pudding to become a crowd favorite. And you have choices, as there are quite a few methods for making this staple side dish — grab your Dutch oven and head to the stovetop, whip out your slow cooker, flip to the Instant Pot, and you can even use your microwave (yes, really!) .

Mix in some melted butter and cream (a classic), go for a dairy swap, like buttermilk, cream cheese, or sour cream for even more flavor. And no matter what mashed potato recipe you end up with, definitely don’t worry about making too much, the leftovers can be kept for days and reheated like a dream. Plus, you can reinvent them into something completely new like baked puffs, fried mashed potatoes, savory potato pancakes, or use them as a topper for shepherd’s pie.

Get your potato masher (or food mill!) ready and let’s get cooking. Here are 20 absolutely perfect mashed potatoes recipes for your Thanksgiving table.

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