A Kitchn Staffer’s 3 Eye-Opening Takeaways of Her Week of Meal Packs

Getting dinner on the table every night takes work and we can all run out of steam. For Kitchn project manager Kit Turley, the problem was that her weekday recipes had gone from reliable to monotonous. Add a stubborn five-year-old and planning fresh, flavorful meals just got more complicated.

Kit decided to try All-in-one meal kits from Blue Apron to escape her family’s “didn’t we just have this?” rut. Each box has precisely portioned ingredients and instructions (with photos) that help you quickly prepare meals tailored to your preferences. And knowing in advance what meals you’ll be getting each week makes dinnertime a lot easier.

By the end of the week, Kit was impressed with how the meal packs helped with so many different aspects of the dinner. Here are her top three takeaways of her week featuring blue apron.

1. Not having to plan a meal feels great.

Kit sometimes forgets what she has in the fridge (been there), but the meal packs kept her organized. “I usually think about what ingredients I need, whether I’ve had enough, how long it will last,” Kit says. “Not having to think ahead was such a relief from stress.”

2. Blue apron is a huge hit with kids – even picky kids.

She also appreciated that if a recipe had a spicy component, it was optional. Plus, since most Blue Apron recipes are designed to be ready in less than 35 minutes, they’ll help you avoid starvation (and not just kids).

3. Fresher ingredients make everything tastier.

“I was surprised how good the dishes tasted!” says Kit. “The recipes encouraged you to salt and flavor along the way, and there was always a sweet sour at the end to brighten up the dish. They were very well balanced.”

Because Blue Apron uses fresh, high-quality ingredients, Kit found that the final results tasted better than if she’d done the grocery shopping. “The Sheet Pan Pesto Salmon With Roasted Kohlrabi And Sweet Potatoes tasted like a dish you would get in a restaurant,” says Kit. “The fish was light, clear and packed with flavor and had a nice sour note.”

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