9 Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets That Make Great Holiday Gifts

We work together with LifeStraw to make your Christmas shopping a breeze this season with a range of thoughtfully designed kitchen gift ideas – starting with the LifeStraw Home water filter can.

As a food editor who also cooks a lotI have tried all kinds of kitchen gadgets, cookware and culinary aids in my own home. Some didn’t quite serve the purpose (the hands-free automatic stirrer was a nice idea in theory), while others became staples I just can’t make a meal without (like my favorite chef’s knife and cutting board).

When the holidays are approaching and I’m brainstorming gift ideas, I look to my kitchen must-haves first, especially when I’m shopping for someone who likes to cook, eat, and drink well (which might as well be a condition can be for my friend). Here are the products that top my list this year:

Photo by Ty Mecham

1. LifeStraw Home Water Filter Jug$59.99

Give your tap water a serious upgrade (and say goodbye to single-use water bottles forever) with the LifeStraw Home Water Filter Jug — a favorite of Food52 editors and my parents alike. Here a sleek, hand-blown glass design meets powerful filtration, removing microplastics, bacteria, parasites, PFAS and over 30 contaminants, while enhancing flavor and reduce waste. Added bonus: For every product sold, a child in need receives safe water for a year through LifeStraw’s Give Back program.

Photo by Ty Mecham

2. FinaMill Spice Grinder, $44.99

Seasoning your food has never been more fun (or easy) than with the FinaMill Spice Grinder – a handy gadget that turns interchangeable spice pads into freshly ground spices at the touch of a button. Gift tip: Add a few different types of whole herbs along with the grinder to make it extra thoughtful.

Photo by Wusthof

3. Wüsthof Gourmet 6” Chef’s Knife$100

A reliable chef’s knife is every home cook’s best friend – and this all-in-one knife from German maker Wüsthof is as reliable as they come. Made from high quality carbon steel, this lightweight yet durable model is great for a variety of tasks including chopping, mincing, slicing and even meat and fish.

Photo by Ty Mecham

4. Handmade Ceramic Oil Cruet, $90

Get this limited-edition ceramic oil cruet from Brooklyn-based Franca ceramics studio while you can. Each piece is unique, but all have a hand-painted finish, stainless steel pouring spout for a mess-free drizzle and a ceramic base to protect your oil from harmful sunlight.

Photo by Ministry of Cape Town

5. South Indian Brass Coffee Filter$52

Sipping a cup of South Indian filter coffee is a daily ritual in our house (if you’re unfamiliar with this delicious brewing style, read here) and making it requires special equipment like this copper filter from Ministry of Kaapi. It’s a nice gift for the coffee fan on your list, especially if you bring a bag of theirs finely ground coffee blend go with.

Photo by Fredericks & Mae

6. Small Confetti Cutting Board$32

Who says cutting boards have to be boring? This confetti cutting board adds a bit of funky flair to even the most mundane cutting tasks – and thanks to the professional plastic construction it won’t wear out. Psst: It is also available in multiple sizes and colors depending on your style.

Photo by Ty Mecham

7. Food52 x Copenhagen-Style Danish 2-Quarter Casserole, $95

A Dansk Købenstyle casserole is an eye-catcher on any hob or dining table. This 2-quart version (available in so many dreamy colors) comes at a great gift price and is a coveted cookware among the Food52 team.

Photo by The Laundress

8. The bestselling washerwoman home cleaning kit$61

The Laundress is best known for their (you guessed it) laundry essentials, like their incredible fragrance No.723 Detergent, but they also make powerful plant-based cleaning products for the home. Their Best-Sellers Kit includes a selection that I use in my own kitchen, such as their Surface Cleaner, Scented Vinegar, and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative.

Photo by Villa Malodor

9. Villa Manodori “Artigianale” Balsamic Vinegar from Modena$49.50

Chef Massimo Bottura, the mastermind behind one of the world’s best and most innovative restaurants, knows good ingredients. So it’s no surprise that his collection of oils and vinegars are among the best I’ve ever tasted. Modena’s “Artigianale” Balsamic Vinegar is arguably my favorite; its aromatic aroma and syrupy consistency elevate any dish it is sprinkled over (I love scrambled eggs).

What kitchen gifts are on your list this holiday season? Tell us in the comments!

Our partners at LifeStraw make hydration safer and more sustainable with products like the LifeStraw Home. This can removes more than 30 contaminants from water, including microplastics, bacteria and parasites. It also makes tap water taste better, so it’s an eco-friendly way to make it fresher every day.

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